hack chat, a simple, practical, safe and private chat

At we have an ideal application for those who want to communicate via chat without the need to make life too difficult.

It is a tool with free code, available on github, and with an android version, with the possibility of being run directly from the web, creating private channels so that users who connect can chat with each other (can you try it on wwwhatsnew, where there is a channel for you).

To create a channel, just access the url, creating itself automatically, without the need to fill out forms of any kind. Once the channel is created, you have to disclose it to the users who want to communicate. Every time one of them clicks on the link, they will have to specify their nickname to participate in the conversation.

The chat is extremely simple, without the possibility of including images, ideal for those who only want to talk to other people about specific topics in a private chat, since there are no public lists that allow an anonymous person to find the room you have created.

When it comes to security: all content is encrypted, conversations are not saved, and everything is destroyed automatically after the chat is abandoned, with no traces on either server or client.