Hackers are using NSA techniques to hack computers

Hackers are using NSA techniques to hack computers

Hackers are using NSA techniques to hack computers

Now the NSA’s backdoor story is taking an unexpected turn: a group of hackers are using their techniques to infect home computers.

The name Shadow Brokers may not sound too much to you, but it’s a group of hackers behind attacks on the NSA. Apparently not only did they break into their servers, they also sold the methods they used to infect computers to other groups. Finally, they ended up making this data public. That is, they had published allexploits available to hack Windows computers.

Microsoft at the time claimed that they had already fixed those vulnerabilities, but it really is not true, or at least completely. And it is that a group of independent researchers determined that there are hundreds of thousands of computers that could be affected. Furthermore, 25% of vulnerable systems are believed to have been infected.

The solution is based on updating

The affected systems are, specifically, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2012. If we keep updates up to date there should be no major problem, but this is not possible on unsupported systems like XP because there simply are no such updates anymore. What we should do in these cases is upgrade to a higher version of Windows and of course still have some kind of media.

The thing is, these vulnerabilities are being used by groups of hackers to infect home computers, according to a report by wccftech. And it is that, according to the source, certain attacks based on these types of attacks have been detected in recent weeksexploits.

The situation is much more alarming than we think, since it not only bypasses antivirus and security systems, but is also capable of remaining inactive and undetectable to carry out future attacks. That is it is like an invisible back door of which only the attacker has the key.