Helpful Resources in Spanish for Teachers

Helpful Resources in Spanish for Teachers

Making a compilation of the resources that we have already commented in the category of applications for academic and professional fields (I remind you of the list of 50 collaboration utilities for education), we now leave you with a series of tools and websites that, available at Spanish, can help with the tough task of preparing and managing classes.


Encicloabierta is a non-profit web project that was born from the Mexican portal Enciclomedia, created by an agreement between several Mexican educational institutions and Microsoft with the aim of linking the content of textbooks to various audiovisual and interactive resources that were used in the classroom.


A portal with articles, resources, videos and many more mandatory content for parents, teachers and students. I personally participate in the project writing in the blog for students.

Audiovisual Literacy Portal

The Audiovisual Literacy Portal, created by the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports, is part of a Preliminary Study with teachers and educators in Spain to find out the concerns of professionals of education on this topic.


GNOSS is designed so that people can build their personal learning and work spaces within the broader framework of a space of learning communities that enables them to connect with other people in a deep and meaningful way. GNOSS Universidad 2.0, for example, is a project started at the Complutense University of Madrid, where three professors have used the communities to teach 400 students. The objective of this project is to improve, enrich and accelerate the learning of students at the University using the possibilities of social networks.


Its content is organized in small modules, which are in turn connected to large collections of courses and which can be used and reused under the Creative Commons license. The objective of working with modules is to imitate the functioning of the brain, which instead of being linear like the content usually presented in textbooks or encyclopedias, is interrelated, thus allowing students to create connections between different topics, just as it will be learned in non-formal teaching contexts.

Educational Resources Exchange Portal

A portal, available in several languages, with more than 40,000 educational resources of various types. Hypertext pages, Java applets and Flash animations, websites, online projects, learning modules, learning objects, and more than 100,000 multimedia elements to build resources.

e-Learning social

First world community specialized in Innovation applied to education and training. As of today it has more than 3000 members from all over the world. In this community you can discuss about e-Learning, improvement of Human Performance, Educational Technology, Higher Education and online, Serious games for learning, Education and 3D virtual worlds, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Society, Management of human resources, Web 2.0 and in-person Training and Development.


A new product that can be used so that any educational institution has a free Extranet to manage their data.


The e-Adventure platform is a project that arises from research at the Complutense University of Madrid and the e-UCM group with the aim of facilitating the integration of educational games and game-based simulations in educational processes in general and Virtual Learning Environments ( VLE) in particular.


It is a program, available for Windows, that allows you to create teaching units or small interactive activity sheets. We can include videos, images, sounds and animations in a simple way and export them in digital notebook format.


Com8s has been developed in Brazil and aims to help streamline the teaching and learning process by bringing the faculty and students closer together. The environment allows you to share documents, create study groups, hold videoconferences and participate in discussions on topics of common interest, in real time, for free and from the Internet.


Edmodo offers a communication platform between teachers and students that is very reminiscent of a microblogging system, allowing ideas to be shared by generating discussions. We can create discussion groups that can correspond to different classes. In each group you can publish surveys, add links, attach files, publish news, send alerts, respond to messages, announce events, distribute videos … all privately and with an intelligent content classification system.