hillydilly, the web with the best music of the moment, already has an android app

hillydilly is a well-known web project that is responsible for displaying in a classified way the music most voted by users, music of all kinds, from great artists and small strangers, from groups that are discovered on Soundcloud, from various countries … a project that , once known, it is difficult to leave, although it is difficult to find those who are part of the popular lists of the top 40.

In 2013 they launched their mobile version, a new design compatible with several screens, but they still had no application in Google Play or iTunes, something that has started to change now.

At the moment only for android, hillydilly is already on Google Play, free streaming music, without ads, updated daily, with the possibility of creating playlists and searching between different styles, without time limit, with the option to save favorites, with information from the artists we listen to, hand-picked by their team of moderators, offering the possibility to follow and be followed by others … a free and unlimited spotify that is worth knowing.

We will not find U2, nor the songs of Michael Jackson, nor Bananarama songs, but they will offer us information so that we can understand the current trends in the world of music, with quality articles and information that other applications do not offer.