HitchBOT, the robot that hitchhiked around the world, dies

Equipped with GPS, camera, and 3G, and built with a fridge of beers and disposable material, HitchBOT has gone on to better life after being destroyed in America.

It was an experiment in which you wanted to analyze the relationship between humans and robots. HitchBOT was left on the street, asking for an autospot, hoping that the good people would take him from one place to another, feeding their profiles on social networks (the image above is from their instagram account) at the same time that they went through thousands of kilometers in various countries (Holland, Canada, Germany …), until he came to the United States and the relationship with the robot did not have a happy ending: someone (or several people) have completely destroyed it.

It happened in Philadelphia almost two weeks after arriving in the country. Last Saturday they received a photo of the robot, but they could not locate it because the battery stopped working (it was loaded with the lighter of the cars that took it from one place to another). On its website there was a map always showing the location of the device, and we can see how its last steps focus on that city.

He spent 26 days in Canada and Europe, beginning his career on July 17 in Marblehead, Massachusetts. They have already taken him to see a football game, to a comic convention, to a wedding … he could speak a few words, he took a photo every 20 minutes, and he always reported his position, generating a lot of noise on social networks.

It is not yet known what has happened, but the end was foreseeable: at some point he would meet the dark side of humanity.

Update – the video showing how they destroy the robot is false (it is not yet known what happened to HitchBOT), here you can see how they prepared the joke: