Hootsuite announces its integration with Instagram

On the Hootsuite blog they have published today the announcement that many expected for a long time: Integration with Instagram.

There they comment that today they will include a functionality that allows Instagram to be added as one more social network, in the same way that we added facebook, twitter, linkedin and other networks, not as an extra application. That way we can upload content and schedule its publication in the future.

The problem is that Instagram does not have the API open for publication from other applications, so the announcement is not entirely honest.

So what does this integration do?

It allows us to upload photos, post comments and set delivery dates, yes, but when it is time for publication, a notification is displayed on our mobile (as long as we have a hootsuite installed) for us to publish from there.

It is true that it saves time, since the image is already loaded from the PC, the notification comes with all the attached content, but it does not eliminate the need to pay attention at the time of publication and use the mobile to send it to our bill.

On the other hand, it is impossible to manage several instagram accounts at the same time, since when receiving the notification from hootsuite we would have to leave and enter with the desired login within the Instagram app, to prevent the publication of a client from reaching the another's account.

It is useful for those who manage a single account and for those who have several people responsible for it (people who can use hootsuite to manage content), but still quite limited for agencies with multiple clients.

Here they explain the step by step necessary to be able to post on Instagram from hootsuite, and leave a video with more details: