HoverCards, Chrome extension that provides contextual information on social profile links

HoverCards is a new extension for Chrome, currently being a technological product highlighted today by the ProductHunt community, which allows us to offer more content in less tabs, or in other words, it offers more contextualization to the links that users can find on the web. .

The idea is to show a floating card with some information to those users who place the cursor on a link belonging to a certain social profile that they find on the web, similarly to the floating cards within Twitter.com natively. , being able to complement it with other data that will be available through a sidebar when pressing said card. For this, the link must correspond to one of the supported services, being YouTube, Twitter, reddit, SoundCloud, Imgur and Instagram the currently supported services.

Tessa, designer of HoverCards, talks to the users of the aforementioned community, collecting contributions and suggestions, among others, from them, being open to incorporating functions such as the possibility of saving favorite cards or adding support for WordPress. That does, however, indicate that you hope to be able to add new integrations over the next few weeks, although first you will see that the current integrations work correctly.

The Chrome extension can be installed directly from the link that takes you to it from the official website, whose available animation shows the philosophy of this product in a clear way. In this way, when a user receives a link to some social profile, whether from a friend, a favorite singer, a youtuber or anyone else, now they can know more without having to establish new clicks to open new tabs.