How to Be Much More Effective When Googling

Yesterday they published an excellent post on savedelete.com with tools and tricks that we can use to increase our productivity when searching on Google.

Almost all professionals use search engines to find information that helps us in our work, which ultimately highlights whoever finds it faster and better. The difficult thing is not to access the Internet, it is to learn to search correctly.

Anyway, I leave you with some of them, which I consider more practical and accessible by most. You can also consult basic information on how to use the search in its help section.

– Use the advanced search more often, it will save you a lot of time.

– Filter by document type when necessary, just add filetype: pdf to find PDF files, for example.

– Use the symbol – when you want to remove a word from the results. You can look for something of the style jaguar -car to find information about the feline.

– Use quotes when you want to find exact phrases. It is not the same to search Ministers Spain what Ministers of Spain.

– Use Google Scholar to find useful resources for the academic environment.

– Take advantage of the tools that google includes in its search engine, such as the calculator, sports results and all the listings at www.google.com/landing/searchtips/.

– Use the Wiki search to bookmark your favorite results and show google, little by little, what kind of content interests you the most. Remember that you can view and edit the featured results.

The next time you perform a search where a featured page is relevant, a featured results section will appear at the top of the results page displaying relevant results that you have bookmarked in the past.

– Create your own search engine so that Google only takes into account the websites that you indicate.

Also remember posts like 100 ways to use Google to improve our academic results, they can help you find virtual shortcuts.