How to block direct messages from strangers on Instagram

How to block direct messages from strangers on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that not only allows us to communicate with friends and acquaintances, but also offers the possibility that strangers can contact us, which can become a real nuisance.

If you have already tired of having to receive private messages on Instagram from unknown people, who all they do is disturb your peace, then you should know that the same app allows you to block such messages, thus achieving that they do not annoy you again with this method.

If you want to continue with this process to avoid messages from strangers, the option is to block the account of that or those specific users, since so far Instagram does not provide other methods or role models to prevent these messages from reaching your profile. This means that you will not only stop receiving private messages from the person in question, but also all content on the person’s profile will be blocked, be it photos, videos, stories and everything related to that user.

To carry out the blocking process you must do the following:

– Access the Instagram app and look for the profile of the user in question. – Once you are there, click on the three points located in the upper right corner. – Among all the options that will appear, find and activate the one that says To block.

This will be more than enough to stop you from receiving unwanted private messages. Now, there is an extra way to perform the action, which is to silence the chat of that person who annoys you. For this you will only have to press and hold the user’s chat and press on the Silence messages function. If you carry out this process, you must take into account that the messages will also be there, and that this or those people will also know that you are inside Instagram.