salas de pago en clubhouse

How to create pay rooms in Clubhouse

Clubhouse plans to add some forms of monetization to the platform, including the possibility of obtaining micropayments from the audience or creating pay clubs and rooms. At the moment it has not implemented any of those functions that I described a few weeks ago, but there are already external projects that allow you to create payment rooms.

It is about, a website where we can create a room specifying the details, the day, the time and the subject, as well as the price that the audience will have to pay to participate in it.

Once the room is created, a link will be generated that we can publish anywhere, either by email or social networks. When someone clicks on it, they will go to a payment platform to make the corresponding registration.

When the time comes for the room, Paidrooms will send an invitation to all members, both moderators and audience, to participate in a private room within the Clubhouse, so payment and organization are made outside the Clubhouse, the latter being Only the one that offers the meeting place, private.

The payment platform is paypal, they do not have anything of their own or use Stripe, being necessary that all participants use Paypal both to receive and to send money.

It’s actually a pretty primitive solution, but it’s functional, useful until the Clubhouse itself offers something more sophisticated.