How to detect unauthorized copies of our texts on the web

How to detect unauthorized copies of our texts on the web

Bloggers always run the risk of having our articles copied or plagiarized, articles that we create with effort, dedication and devotion and that are often duplicated without authorization. That is why it is very important to know if we have been copied or, worse still, plagiarized, on the Internet.

Here are some tools that will help us control the smart ones who want to take over our work (remember that here, at, we have already discussed some applications related to plagiarism):

Plagiarism Checker

Add one or more phrases from different parts of the original text, hit search, and you’re done. The program will search in Google and / or in Yahoo, where you indicate, you can also create alerts based on your searches.

Article Checker

By fragments or the address of your web / blog, also in Google and / or Yahoo.

Plagiarism Detect

You can create a free account or pay for better services. You select a maximum text of 100 words, the basics to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwho is copying you. If you happened to pay, you could upload entire articles, your template, search in several more than usual search engines and receive the results by e-mail.


A very complete tool, its waiting time is understood when you receive the email with the study carried out. You must open an account and you can upload documents of up to 100,000 words or entire websites. The emails they send you can be requested in .doc, .html and .docx formats and they are very detailed; it is very easy to use.

Ideal for teachers looking for possible sources of certain jobs.


You enter the web address of your blog or your website and look for copies, similarities, etc … Simple, easy and direct, without any kind of mystery but, perhaps, less effective than those previously mentioned.


You must enter your RSS Feed and search more than 35 billion blogs and web pages. It can take up to 8 hours and it is necessary to enter the e-mail to confirm the order. Works better with English than with other European languages.

With these tools it will be easy for you to have your blog / website under control so that nothing and no one can use it without your permission.