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How to eliminate spam in Gmail

Eliminating spam in Gmail is not an easy task, although the algorithm presented by the platform does an excellent job of filtering out most spam.

It is also true that many times emails that we do want to read get into spam, which is why we always recommend consulting said folder at least once a week.

For the rest of the unwanted emails that continue to arrive at the inbox (or the notification or promotion box), there are several tricks that we can perform, and in this video I explain them in detail:

As you can see, I highlight three ways: the use of the link offered by Gmail itself, the use of external tools specialized in the subject, and the use of scripts to be able to put it inside Gmail.

In the first case, the process is fast if the company that sends the email offers the corresponding link. Otherwise, we will have to put filters or use external apps that perform this service for us, with the risk that this entails (leaving our email data in the hands of unknown companies).

The third tip is to use a script that automatically captures the unsubscribe links, although it is true that, if such a link exists, Google usually offers it at the top, as we discussed in the video.

If you have any questions, you can put them in the comments of the video, answer one by one.