How to explain what Twitter is to someone who has not heard about it

How to explain what Twitter is to someone who has not heard about it

Twitter Actually and now that nobody listens to us Who has not experienced a slight sense of insecurity when accessing the microblogging-based network for the first time? As with Facebook, the arrival of Twitter in our lives is profiled as an online way to communicate, following the architecture of traditional and always efficient SMS. Certainly accessing Twitter is disturbing, a not very friendly platform that places us in front of the characters and symbols that we avoid when building a URL, that indexes quickly and is friendly for an SEO that, on the other hand, is increasingly human And social. However, there is no doubt that Twitter It has established itself as the fastest and most viral immediate communication tool that exists. Brands observe in amazement how their possibilities to meet and evaluate a once-unattainable competition – and simultaneously reach an increasing number of potential customers, attracted by the content associated with our brand, are simply unlimited. The students have found in the platform a tool that allows them to optimize their knowledge and contact networks, while the new professionals have in the social network of 140 characters, a unique opportunity to form an intelligent, efficient and productive community.

But how do you use Twitter

The first thing we must bear in mind is that although Twitter is included within the denomination of social networks, its operation is not the same. Twitter is a network in which virality is awakened by content, needs, interests, news, offers, discounts are the central axes on which the success of Twitter is sustained. We are therefore facing a network based on content, whose main source of information lies in the needs and interests that link users in thematic communities. Like friends of Facebook that on Twitter are called followers, to identify those who follow us and following to show us which users we follow. The likes are focused on Retweets, which is how the content of interest is promoted. The level of interest and Follow-up shows us the number of tweets and if we want to give a little more weight to the content we should not forget to re-Tweet what we want to share, thus the content increase your interest and the information will be handled efficiently across the different communities, the shock wave is infinite and, as always, practice will lead you to the empirical demonstration of the Twitter effect. It is essential to bear in mind that the social network is in It is itself a way of sharing content, so the inclusion of video and photos is fully integrated and favors the viral effect, specifically for smartphone and tablet users who remain permanently connected, as Juan Diego explained there for 2009 Twitter is eminently an efficient platform for mass content sharing, this is a great ally of marketing and promotion, which may explain why it is so attractive to brands.

What to know about Twitter

Associated symbols @ to search for people and # to search for exact terms. Active participation is what gives you the freedom to understand the benefits of information transmitted in real time, without limits and at the same time it is produced. The sheer amount of underlying information that you will be able to identify only with permanent connectivity, leads to you finally realizing that, although it does not seem very friendly at first, Twitter is an especially simple platform to use. Additionally, trends and projections predict changes. in the social network in order not to lose competitiveness, changes that, although not yet defined, continue to place the microblogging network in the number 1 position in online media.Finally a reflection, in a world in which participation In the social networks of the companies it is capable of generating immediate responses from crowds, for or against decisions and / or events, the power of Twitter lies in the individual contribution, which defines the personal or business brand associated with us, what type of needs we seek to satisfy, personal social professionals.Twitter guides us in training and knowledge, opens the doors to what happens and therefore or, sets trends, informs us in real time and allows us the opinion as the central axis of the framework and it is also simple:

– We create an account – We create a profile – We create our contact book – We define our audience, interests, objectives and needs

And through constant participation we are increasing our lists of followers, in this way also, we build our reputation and inform others about what our needs are … this is how the network is woven on Twitter and there is little to say about its efficiency. , if we take into account that it is today an essential element in decision-making for societies.Article written byCarolina Velasco, from SHOUT! for