How to forward multiple emails in Gmail at the same time

If you have received several emails that may be useful to other people, and you want to forward them as quickly as possible, there is a way to do it without having to press the forward one by one.

It is a plugin for Chrome that performs exactly that mission. When installing it, it shows a new button within Gmail, a button that will be activated when we select several emails. Once clicked, we will have to indicate the email (or emails) of the person who will receive the selected messages, thus sending all the material at once, saving precious minutes.

All emails forwarded using this plugin will be automatically marked with the multi-forward tag, helping to easily identify them.

In case you have activated the conversation mode, only the last of the messages of the same will be sent, so it is recommended to deactivate this mode to guarantee the sending of all content. The extension has not been performed by Google and itself by an independent developer, who reports that sometimes there are errors in forwarding attached images (something that promises to be fixed in future versions).

Personally I am not very friendly with plugins that enter my Gmail, but it must be recognized that this can be quite useful.