extension visual effects for google meet para aplicacion de videollamadas google meet

How to freeze your image during a video call on Google Meet

Currently, video calls have become a means of communication used by many people around the world as an alternative to interact with family or friends, as well as in the workplace.

Initially, video calls only fulfill the function of facilitating communication between one or more people without allowing any greater adjustments than those related to image and sound quality.

However, its popularity has led to the emergence of tools dedicated to customizing the generated image, one of them has been the one that people from herokuapp.com.

Is about Visual Effects for Google Meet, an extension developed for the Google Meet video calling application and that users can easily obtain through the Google Chrome browser, specifically in the Chrome Web Store.

Visual Effects for Google Meet is a small application that allows you to apply a series of effects to the image captured by the camera of your computer or device from Google Meet.

Among the most prominent effects are blur, inverted image, virtual background, contrast, pixelation or freezing, the latter being a function that allows you to freeze the image during a video call, which could help you sneak out of a meeting for a few minutes.

To get this tool we will simply have to access the Google Chrome application store present in the browser. Once found and clicked, we request permission to integrate it into the browser.

Click on accept and that's it, the Visual Effects for Google Meet extension will be ready to be used, being included as a menu on the left side of the screen during video calls made on Google Meet.

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