How to get the most popular news from WWWhatsnew on Google Now

If you frequently use Google Now to stay informed in a few seconds about everything that happens in the world, as well as in your local environment, take a look at this trick to include the most popular news from WWWhatsnew within this flow of information.

This is possible thanks to a new functionality of feedly that allows you to integrate into Google Now to show the most popular content there, and now we explain how to do it step by step:

1 – Install (in case you do not already have it installed) on your android the latest version of feedly and google.

2 – Include WWWhatsnew in the category (web version) Must Read. It is a new category in which we can put our preferred media, a way to highlight those that we really cannot miss. To do this, it is necessary to go to the Organize section, search for the WWWhatsnew feed and edit it by selecting the Must Read box, as shown in the following screenshot:

As you can see, after making that update, the content of WWWhatsnew appears in the highlighted upper section.

It is also possible to select the desired website from the mobile and click on the option Promote to Must Read, as shown in the following screen:

Once this is done, thanks to the integration and the work done between Google and feedly, we will be able to see the information cards of this application within Google Now, although they make clear some points:

– Not all the news will be shown, only the most prominent ones – There is the possibility that some news that is not within Must Read will appear in your google now, something that will happen if it is much more popular than that of the media in that category. – It is always possible to delete feedly from google now, accessing the card configuration and specifying that you no longer want that application in that section.