How to improve marketing and communication in social networks

Fever for to be In social networks, it has long been in the minds of most organizations and companies. But, as has been well commented on this blog, it is useless be to be. Without ideas, without a correct implementation of a defined strategy and without some suitable tools, he Social media it is merely a channel that can do more harm than good. The medium has been able to transform, but the end of any campaign of marketing, no: the dissemination of messages remains the goal.

Use a dashboard management as HootSuite can greatly help the success of your communication campaign and / or marketing in Social media, since it offers specifically designed features and tools to professionally monitor and manage your presence in multiple social networks. In addition, HootSuite is designed to be a operations center, so it integrates in its control panel practically everything you need in the daily management of your campaign. Here are some tips and techniques what can you use to get best results in your activity on social networks and how HootSuite Pro, a plan developed for professionals and agencies, can help you do so.

Monitor. Monitor. Monitor

Participating in social networks does not only require a set of resources, but also requires a change in mentality and philosophy regarding the relationship established with the client or user. Whatever your strategy, it should always have a component of constant listening: monitor what is being said about you, and your business sector, at all times and keep all that information ordered in tabs and columns in your HootSuite dashboard.

– Makes searches for your brand and related products and save them to always have them visible.

– Also save columns with keywords keys in your industry, to know what happens in real time and to be able to participate in conversations related to your business area.

– Do not forget to always include in your searches the most frequent typing errors your brand and related products (in HootSuite, eg, users often type HootSuit, HotSuite or HootSweet).

– Use the advanced search Twitter on HootSuite to find positive or negative mentions, specific information during a certain period of time, etc.

– Monitor the mentions of your competitors.

Don’t just keep track of your own keywords and mentions – broaden your search spectrum to cover all related content with your company / product. Also bear always visible your column of Mentions Y review / answer, when necessary, any mention direct that they do to you or in which you appear.

Use the lists

Organize your relevant contacts in useful lists. You can create user groups for your brand or product, relevant people or potential customers interested in your business area. In addition to the usefulness of monitor and follow these lists in HootSuite columns, it is very possible that the users you include in the lists perceive positively your action and end up visiting your profile, following you or going to your website for more information about yourself.

Do not forget add to your favorites all the positive mentions you receive or any information of interest that you want to thank or use as a reference in the future. Users also value those kinds of details.

Involve the most influential users

Identify the most influential users in a certain area is key to your dissemination and recognition. Contact and pay; make yourself known. With HootSuite it is easy to find these users:

– Every time someone mentions or comments you something interesting about your brand or industry, you can know more about their profile instantly: number of followers/following, bio, website and other relevant data such as your Klout level (level of influence) or the date it started to use Twitter. On the tab Insight You will also find other information related to the user.

– In the statistics section you also have essential information for your campaign, since you will find a listed with the most relevant users who have mentioned you and that perhaps they have a positive attitude towards you that you can take advantage of (or a negative one that you should try to solve). Contact them directly, thank them for their comments and establish a relationship with them.

– When performing a search, filter your results according to Klout Score to quickly identify the most relevant users instantly in your searches.

Always take advantage of this data to learn more about your users: they are fans? they work in your business area? they are very active in social networks? And it collects all this information to offer answers and content relevant to them. Follow them!

Spread your messages intelligently

Each social network develops a unique culture and with it, different vocabulary and different expectations. Make sure to keep your style, but adjusting it to each network with appropriate content. On Twitter, for example, you should limit your texts to 140 characters, including any shortened URL; Facebook allows longer text but usually always needs an associated image.

– Adapt your messages and save them as a draft on HootSuite to ensure they are consistent with your communication policy, regardless of who publishes them.

Effective campaigns deliver messages at an optimal time and location: If you want to reach a global audience, you must take into account the different time zones and peaks of activity in each area / region.

Schedule your tweets and updates to be published at the time they are most likely to be read by region and target audience.

– Use the batch upgrade. Program, using a simple CSV file, up to 50 tweets with just one click. Save time and be efficient.

– Add your RSS feeds to the profile you want in HootSuite, so that they are posted automatically in your accounts.

Amplify by sharing

When you reply to messages and participate in conversations, always try to offer interesting, useful and relevant information. Not a simple sales pitch. Show yourself as a relevant source.

– Quickly amplify the best messages through the Retweet from the search column itself and / or save them in your favorites for future use and reports.

– Use the Classic RT or the new Twitter RT according to your needs and communication style. Make your users and customers feel heard and valued by sharing their messages.

– Use the button Reply All to respond quickly to everyone involved in a tweet. Also send by e-mail any content you want to share.

– Always have present the #hashtags: use them and create new ones when the situation requires it to support the diffusion of your product.

Remember that in HootSuite you can add your accounts Twitter, pages Y profiles of Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, MySpace, Mixi, Ning or WordPress.com, as well as countless other networks thanks to the Ping.fm integration. Share each relevant content on all the networks you see fit and cover a wide audience.

Form a team

Work efficiently managing multiple accounts with your team. Each member of a company tends to have more experience in a certain field, so take advantage of that expertise to always respond and communicate in the most appropriate way to your users, clients and friends.

Assign (or reassign) messageSee other members of your team and follow up to see how and when any conflicts have been resolved.

Share your columns created with other members to disseminate information and highlight aspects or topics you want to work on.

Add comments to assignments to write down any messages relevant to your activity.


Success on social media is for most businesses, but especially for SMEs, a matter of connection with your audience / customers. Finding users who can connect with your brand, therefore, becomes a key issue that can be circumvented to some extent thanks to geolocated searches.

– Makes searches using your location to find tweets close to your business and identify potential customers or possible fans of your product.

Poll your users

Thanks to social media, you can have a Focus group instant from which to get precious feedback quickly. Consult your followers about certain aspects or decisions that you must make in relation to your brand / product and get first-hand information about what the market is asking for and what your customers are asking for. It can be as easy as writing a message, with two options to choose from, on your Facebook Page. If you add some kind of recognition to the query, such as a prize or a special offer for your product, it is even possible that the query reach a large number of users, beyond your own followers. Followers that, on the other hand, it is possible that feel valued by participating in decisions about the product or brand they use and which they follow.

Analyze and redefine

Once you have launched your campaign, and your actions on social networks are working, do not forget to analyze what is getting good results and what can be improved. Depending on your audience, the environment, your own activity … certain actions can be a great success and others not so much.

– Ow.ly measures click statistics and provides data by message, date range, region and referrer for links created using HootSuite.

– In the statistics section of HootSuite, you can directly obtain information about the most popular and most successful content have had on Twitter.

– You can incorporate your data from HootSuite Pro Google analytics and filter various parameters such as campaign, source, traffic or performance without having to change tools.

– Integration with Facebook Insights allows you to monitor all your Facebook Pages through HootSuite’s own panel.

– You can add specific parameters to your URLs shortened for later use in Google Analytics, Omniture …

And remember…

Monitor and observe what is happening on social networks around your brand always be the best vaccine for any crisis. Respond promptly to any unwarranted comments, rumors, or criticism with concise arguments to prevent negative content from getting out of control. Do not forget that thanks to social networks You have the opportunity offer first-hand answers.Social networks are a medium in which, mainly, people communicate each other. Never forget that. You can establish your network strategy in many different ways: focusing it on customer service, opting for a greater dissemination of relevant information or, of course, through a marketing more direct. But do not participate only selling your product, get your presence valued and sued.

Whatever your strategy, use the best tools to implement it (Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite)

Written by Daniel Robles, Member of the HootSuite Communication and Marketing team, for WWWhatsnew.com