How to increase sales on Facebook

How to increase sales on Facebook

Brands and companies are not using all the viral potential that Facebook and its world delivers by opening stores in the social environment. That’s what VendorShop says, a company that develops and creates online commerce solutions. Now, the claim is neither free nor light and is based on a study developed by his team, with the support of the University of Dublin and carried out in a universe of 250 users. Among the most relevant conclusions is the finding that a Facebook like, doubles the chances of purchase intention. This and other quite relevant information about the behavior of users on Facebook and the virality of the social network were captured in an infographic published by the Anglo site AllFacebook, from which we extract its main data: A positive and quality conversation increases virality of Facebook users, potential clients who have as common characteristics:

1.- They spend an average of 55 minutes on Facebook every day 2.- They have an average of 130 friends 3.- 62% of users who like a page will buy on it 4.-68% of people connected to Facebook click on a like on a page to receive promotions and offers.

On the other hand, Facebook users have their personal network of friends and contacts, who find out about their actions in the social network, when they share certain content with their friends or when they indicate that a page is liked, that triggers the curves of viral spread of the message.

The power of a successful Facebook strategy

To illustrate this characteristic, 3 success stories are mentioned for special promotions using Facebook as a channel, in 3 modalities:

1.- Deliver exclusive content: By putting into practice on its Facebook page, Home Depot a chain of stores of home products, in the style of Ikea, saw its number of Fans grow by 68% and increase its sales by 28,000 Dollars. 2.- Promotions through the Like: Inviting to become a fan of its page, the dog food brand Dingo Dog Food got 5,000 new likes in just 3 days. 3.- Encourage sharing of content: Chile Monster, a fast food chain created a strategy for its users to share its publications. The result: a 53% increase in your sales.

The power of a fan on Facebook for a brand

By performing a simple arithmetic projection exercise, VendorShop determines that if a fan of a brand on Facebook has an average of 130 friends and that if their initial input achieves 10,000 likes on their page, the projection of the message can have a potential reach. of 1,300,000 new potential clients.

Other figures:

The number of fans of a page who share the information increases by 55% if there is some related incentive, such as special discounts and offers. Users who usually share content on Facebook have 49% more friends than those who do not; That’s a potential 49% of new customers. The conversion rate of content shared in sales on Facebook is 20%