How to Join Multiple PDF Pages on One Page

Sometimes we have a PDF document with several pages, and on many occasions we want to print it on paper for reading or consultation. To do it without spending a lot of ink and without investing a lot in paper, it is best to put several pages together in one, but how do we put several PDFs together on one page?

There are several ways to do it, but today I am going to explain one that does not depend on the browser or the printing program that we are using.

It is a program that we can download for free, and whose Pro version is also free using the PPM58690DMVUING key (valid until October 15, 2020). It is available at pdfpagemerger.com, and currently only works for Windows.

Its objective is not only to put together several PDFs in one, something that other tools can already do. They want to be able to reduce the size of each page so that several can fit on one page, and they offer the possibility of defining several variables so that the result adapts to what we need.

In addition to combining all the pages in a one page PDF file, this tool can also combine every 2, 4 or more PDF pages on one page and save them to a new PDF file.

We can use it to create double-sided PDF magazines, collage page PDF e-books, or save ink for mass printing documents inexpensively.

It is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Questions such as How to combine two PDF pages in one page or How to combine several pages in one page in a PDF, which are constantly repeated on Quora and other forums, are thus solved with a program that, although not available in all operating systems, s can help many people in their day to day.