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How to prevent Google from deleting your photos from Google Photos and your files from Drive

Google Photos storage was unlimited for backups. The same goes for Google Docs in Drive. Sadly, for many of your users, this already has an expiration date.

To this, it is also added that those accounts that remain inactive for two years will also suffer content removal.

We previously commented that the June 1, 2021, Google will begin to remove all content that exceeds the storage quota allocated per account. For this reason, we recommend taking some measures to avoid the irreversible loss of part of your backups.

According to the service policies updated by Google, these modifications will begin to patent their consequences on June 1, 2023, two years after the entry into force of this new standard.

There is still time to prepare. It’s difficult for a loss of material from this cause to take you by surprise, since Google will send out email notifications and reminders well in advance, before any files disappear.

It should be noted that content removal policies are limited to that, uploaded files. In other words, an inactive Google account will not be deleted, but some of its linked services may be restored, if they qualify for that.

How to manage the storage space of a Google Account

If you need to manage your disk quota in the cloud, to take advantage of storage more efficiently and avoid losing material, due to all the above, Google has a space management tool.

In a unified screen, you can see what are those items that you discarded, but are still taking up space, such as the Trash in Drive and Gmail, plus the spam tray of your email.

You can also delete large files from this portal. Not only those large files that you have in a Drive folder, but you can also select emails with a large volume of attachments and the heaviest photos and videos of your backups in Google Photos.

Finally, there is a section dedicated to the files not allowed available to delete, those that Google services cannot process.

Google’s change of strategy

In this year, Google restricted unlimited backup in Photos, modified the dynamic with the trash can in Drive and as we mentioned now, I defined a new mechanism to punish inactive accounts.

These movements, cataloged by the same company founded by Brin and Page as a strategy in tune with the usual practices of the sector, totally change its usage paradigm, since with this it will no longer be so comfortable to use Drive as a cloud in the cloud to stack how much file we don’t want to lose. The approach is now more practical, focused on the present and on collaboration, hence the emphasis on constant activity.

It should be noted that these modifications apply only to regular Google accounts. Google Workspace, G Suite for Nonprofits and G Suite for Education accounts are excluded.