How to temporarily mute any word on Twitter

How to temporarily mute any word on Twitter

How to temporarily mute any word on Twitter

This simple tool allows you temporarily mute Twitter words to enjoy a cleaner social network.

Although it has been killing Twitter For a long time, the social network continues to resist and conquer users, proof of which are the more than 9 million accounts that have joined in the last quarter, despite the fact that the company’s income has decreased.

Twitter is very much alive, although it is true that there are things to improve, but in recent months they have introduced changes such as the ability to silence words and new accounts, a couple of measures to soften the trolls and online abuse.

Supermute to mute words on Twitter temporarily

The possibility to mute words or hashtags is very good because that way we clean our timeline and remove all tweets that speak or mention a topic that we do not want to know anything about. The problem is that the silenced is forever, that is, unless we remove the restriction to those words, they will be silenced indefinitely.

Supermute It is a simple website that also allows us to silence words on Twitter, but unlike the official solution, in this case we can indicate for how long we want to silence them.

It is evident what this temporary silence, remove from our view any message or account that speaks about the specific word during a specific period and after that time, we will see everything again without having to do anything.

Supermute: temporary silence of words on Twitter

To use it you simply have to enter the web above, indicate which word or words we want to silence and indicate timeIt can be an hour or whatever we want, up to a maximum of 7 days.

This website can be very interesting to block all those events that we do not want to know about, for example during a football game, a presentation or the name of a series or television program to avoid spoilers.