traducir documentos enteros

How to translate entire documents with Google Translate

An incredibly useful function that is always present in the Google translator but that many of us ignore or forget, perhaps because we are used to just copying and pasting, is to translate entire documents in DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PDF and TXT formats. The translation is carried out in a new browser tab and maintains a good part of the format (spaces, vignettes, etc.).

Anyway, to translate a document, just go to the translator page at and click on the option Translate a document Available below the text insert box on the left, where you paste or write what is to be translated.

Then change the translator layout to show a load button, the one that says Select File, that pressing it will open a window to select the location of the file on the PC. A simpler option is to drag and drop the file into the browser.

Subtract to define in the traditional way the language to be translated, and finally click on the blue button Translator. The results should appear on a new tab. Of course, if it is from a URL directly from where you want to capture ( it is not necessary to use the option of Translate a document, just paste it and click Translator. The results in such a case will appear in the same tab: