How to use Twitter search to do business

How to use Twitter search to do business

We were talking a few days ago about enormous capacity of the microblogging network to build reputations, to consolidate branding campaigns, to attract new followers through online contests and obviously, to launch advertising campaigns with high impact and great virality. However, despite the undoubtedly positive figures, there are many brands that still resist incorporating Twitter among their online actions, mainly due to ignorance and high level of complexity that the social network and its operation and efficient use, cause between the users. Complementing the article How to use twitter to find clients, let’s calmly analyze the possibilities of searching on Twitter. We know that it is really effective for online businesses, essential for entrepreneurship and with high penetration power due to its viral nature, with a brief review or even making them an operational working procedure, you will become familiar with the symbols and their meaning. and to be more and more able to link each hashtag to all the likes that are known and understood so well. Yes, Twitter is still that great unknown for many brands and for them it is that we approach a first contact with the social network based on microblogging. Mainly Twitter bases its effectiveness on contact networks, the larger and more active your network of contacts, the more opportunities you will discover in the social network. Now in addition, the social network optimizes your advanced searches including segmentation by areas of interest.

Searches by topics open up a new range of possibilities when accessing the accounts of the users who created them, the content acquires a relevance never before seen in the social network.

Access occurs through the Who to follow option at the top of the page. New strategies through which the content used in social interaction and messages with users will be highly relevant due to their level of influence. The social network makes its way and joins the fight for quality, restructuring the network in a context where engagement is essential.

Even for users who, even without having formally registered their brand on Twitter, want to use the social network as a platform for obtaining information prior to launching a new strategy, the current Twitter interface is more intuitive.

Thus eliminating one of its great obstacles, compared to the ease and intuition of interaction on Facebook. Little advanced users will be able to access high quality content and the information of the person responsible for it, there is no doubt that this is information of high quality to identify needs and interests, to develop a SWOT of your business. Among the most recommended search options to obtain relevant information through which you can achieve the efficient use of twitter for your online businesses, they highlight;

– Phrases: if you want to search for a specific phrase, just enclose it with Twitter‚Äď People, you can search for a person’s tweets without accessing their profile, through the command From: xxx‚Äď To search for those sent by a person, use the to command: xxx‚Äď You can search by mentions (@santaspalabras), you can get tweets based on geolocation (near: Barcelona) and establish a radius of action for the search, you can search by a date range (since: 13-040- 2011)

News that seek maximum segmentation and the exaltation of quality through content, imagine for example searches for feelings, those in which tweets are accompanied by symbols of feelings, this type of search is essential to establish needs and interests, optimal for brands The great challenge of twitter continues to follow social searches, although the search engine is now much closer to the relevance of quality over other actions, to consolidate the reputation that a successful brand needs in its online businesses. social network allows limited use of its traditional search engine without the need to register, the inclusion of searches in the twitter interface as one more option, requires the user’s identification to access advanced searches.Article written by Carolina Velasco, from SHOUT! for