Hulu considers offering new subscription modality of higher cost but without advertising

Hulu could be considering offering a new subscription modality for which, for a fee that could range between 12 and 14 dollars a month, it would offer users its audiovisual content on demand without advertising, according to The Wall Street Journal published yesterday. Keep in mind that Hulu currently offers its service on demand at a price of $ 7.99 a month. With this, according to the aforementioned publication, Hulu could target those users who want to enjoy audiovisual content by streaming on demand without having to support advertising, in which, in addition, the new subscription modality could enter service this coming autumn. .

The logic of this possible movement is that other services that already offer content on demand via streaming without advertisements are seeing the number of users increase, as is the case of Netflix, which despite the saturation in the local market, continues to achieve Attract new users to its subscription service, in which it has doubled the number of them with respect to the past year, which is making it possible for the company's shares to even rise.

To this must be added that there are more and more users who want to see audiovisual content on demand without advertisements, a change in trend that must be taken into consideration, something that will affect television companies, networks and even television agencies. advertising.

Obviously, Hulu has to put a higher price on its new subscription modality so as not to affect its current modality in which it includes advertising. In this way, it maintains those users who are willing to support the advertisements in exchange for having a lower monthly fee and could gain new users who are willing to pay more in exchange for not receiving advertising.