Hyundai could be the new owner of Boston Dynamics robots

Boston Dynamics is a robotics company that has become very famous in recent years thanks to its impressive robots, both bipeds and the robot-dog that is already on the market.

The company was born in the arms of Google, but it has been changing hands and now it may have a new owner in the near future: Hyundai.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Hyundai will be the third company in seven years to own the robotics firm, after sales to Google and SoftBank Group. Although Hyundai declined to comment on the issue, it said it continually explores various investment and partnership opportunities.

Boston Dynamics has been dedicated to military and investigative robotics for more than 20 years, and since it was bought by SoftBank in 2017 they have focused on commercial products, with the Spot robot dog being the best known.

Hyundai is not unfamiliar with the world of robotics. His Ultimate Mobility Vehicles project combines traditional transportation with transformative robotic technologies, and a few months ago he formed a joint venture with autonomous driving technology company Aptiv to work in the autonomous vehicle sector.

In October 2019, they pledged to invest $ 35 billion in future mobility technologies, and it may be that Boston Dynamics robots fit that vision well.