IBM creates a computer smaller than a grain of salt

Left: 64 motherboards with two tiny computers in the upper left corner. Right: The tiny computer, mounted on a motherboard, atop a pile of salt. Image credit: IBM

IBM reveals today, on the first day of its IBM Think 2018 what will be the smallest computer in the world, smaller than a grain of salt. But that is, nobody expects this tiny computer to be as powerful as today's computers, since as Mashable has echoed, this tiny computer will have a power similar to that of the x86 computers of the early 90s.

The mission of this tiny computer is to monitor, analyze, communicate, and even act on data, or more specifically, to assist in tracking product shipments, detecting theft, fraud, and noncompliance, and even basic intelligence functions. Artificial. To do this, work with blockchain technology to perform all these functions.

Inside it will house hundreds of thousands of transistors and their manufacture will cost less than ten cents per unit, according to the company.

From IBM they intend to go much further and in the next five years they will develop even smaller computers than the one they are presenting today, of which for now is only a prototype, with which they will be used to be integrated into all kinds of objects and devices of daily use, in the words of Arvind Krishn, head of research at IBM.

In this regard, both the tiny computer that IBM will be presenting today, and the next to be launched in the coming years, to view them in detail, it will be necessary to have a microscope.