Ideal places to learn how to make paper planes

There are many tutorials on the Internet that help build paper planes of various types, but few are as complete and specialized as foldnfly.

It is a website in which we can filter aircraft models according to their difficulty, obtaining designs of all kinds with detailed instructions.

By clicking on the desired model (they currently have 30), we will see the step by step and a video showing how it should be done and what the final result is, although you do not expect aerodynamics classes.

The site is in English, there is no Spanish version, but with the images it is easy to know the steps to be carried out.

In Youtube

If you really like the subject, there are several channels on YouTube that deal with this matter, such as David Boe's, with almost 30,000 subscribers, or A world of Paperr, with almost 100,000. Another very popular channel is TrikdanG, although the latter almost works with more origami pieces, not just planes.

In most of the websites dedicated to children's activities there is a section that explains how to make paper planes, but it is clear that in the end it is always better to access the projects carried out by specialists in the field. If someone is dedicated to maintaining a website only with models of this type, or updating a YouTube channel with what they have learned in recent years, it is because they have origami in their veins.