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imagecolorizer – new application to color black and white photos

We have already discussed several solutions that we can use to fix damaged photos or to improve the quality of those that are very pixelated, today we have to talk about coloring those that are in black and white.

For them they present ImageColorizer, a free online tool that is quite practical.

Image Colorizer helps users color old images or current black and white photos. To do this, they use artificial intelligence systems to recognize old images and choose the best strategies to restore their details. Therefore, there is no need to manually colorize old photos and can be colored without sacrificing quality.

We just have to drag our black and white photos and leave all the rest of the work in their systems. In a few seconds we will be able to download the colored photo directly.

To verify its operation I have tested it with a random black and white photo from Pixabay. I have accessed your website and uploaded it without having to create an account. The result has been surprising (I recommend not leaving the page while doing the process).

Directly from Pixabay After having colored it with imagecolorizer

We have done another test from your mobile app:

You can try it at imagecolorizer.com, as well as the free apps for iOS and Android.