Images can now be dragged and dropped in Hangouts chats

Hangouts, Google's instant messaging application, has incorporated a simple and very useful feature in its version for desktop devices: The ability to drag and drop images to chat windows to share images instantly.

The novelty can be exploited using Hangouts both from the web version of Gmail and the Inbox, the new Gmail- and it is also present in the Hangouts Chrome webapp. As many will know, although the process of uploading and sharing photos and other images within conversations has always been very intuitive, it could be optimized to reduce manual work; Well, today finally comes such improvement.

Of course, although its operation is trivial, there is not a GIF to see how it looks.

If you still can't see it on your devices, simply restart Chrome or reload the pages where you have open your Gmail account or Inbox session. Another thing: At the moment it is not possible to attach multiple images simultaneously, in addition, when loading the images, they are not automatically sent but can be accompanied by some text before sharing them.

The new drag-and-drop feature inherits the different image format compatibility, and Mayur Kamat, a Google employee who pointed out to his Google+ account, said that the process can also be done by copying and pasting as usual. [Goes: Android Police]