Images of the possible largest space tourism center in the world

Images of the possible largest space tourism center in the world

Several companies that Japan has the first Asian space tourism center, and for this they will create a floating Japanese spaceport so that companies like Virgin Galactic can operate their suborbital pleasure trips.

The ships taking off from there may need a non-vertical takeoff, like Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo Unity, so the structure is really big.

In the case of Virgin, the ship will fly for about 90 minutes, and land again in the structure being prepared by Spaceport Japan, a non-profit organization with 25 regular members, including Airbus Japan, Kajima Corporation, Suntory, Mitsubishi Estate, Yamato. Holdings and Manned Space Systems, and others.

The venue will include, in addition to ship tracks, space-focused art museums, space gyms and swimming pools, a space-focused 4D theater, a broadcast studio, restaurants, hotels, and commercial facilities.

Right now it costs $ 250 million per seat to fly into space and float briefly looking out the window, but prices are expected to drop quite a bit until 2050, and the space industry as a whole will become a trillion-dollar market. dollars by 2050 (a trillion American, to understand us).

At the moment they have already released some renderings with a huge floating platform in Tokyo Bay, connected to the mainland by a bridge. It has a multi-level plaza and two towers, with three large space flight terminals and the required associated runways.

So far nothing has come off paper, but the architects at Noiz Architects have already gotten down to work with their idea.