Impact of the social Web on media agencies

Impact of the social Web on media agencies

Media agencies has always been a concept closely related to business pyramids, we do not speak of pyramids in the context of the old economy, but of the pyramid as an explicit metaphor in its geometric form and its application in orders and organization charts. Media agencies are places where advertising space is bought in the media. Imagine the importance in terms of money that these types of agencies have. Only by reeling off the definition of the business model, we can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe impact of the social Web on media agencies, for good and as a challenge, too. Traditionally, media agencies bought spaces in the form of seconds on television, CPC and CPM on the Internet, quasi on radios and columns in newspapers, among others.

Media and social media agencies, quality the first filter

However, the main objective of the Social Web is to break outdated paradigms and establish new ones in which the all-powerful gift of money is relegated to the background while it is decided which advertising spaces are likely to achieve it, which ones know how to communicate and who commit to it. the quality.It is more than evident that the opening and penetration of the social Web in our habits and customs has meant a paradigm shift in the world of information and communication, today it is essential to become aware that the 2.0 spirit exists and that it becomes more demanding each time, as part of its commitment to maintaining quality. Specifically, marketing and advertising have been consolidated as knowledge and experiences that must be exalted by all the intervening actors since they are the channels on which the bases of the reputation and branding of the brand.

The structure of the companies is certainly horizontal, they evaluate the balance in hand – the productivity figures vs. The risks of opening up and transmute to templates in continuous training through their interaction with the brand.

The use of the Internet in short and specifically social media, are communication supports, banners of social power, the molds of the world network, are woven with collective collaborations made at the click of a button, new forms and coexistence that generate new types of audiovisual language , which are instantly transmitted from the local to the global.The voluntary nature with which social media is used responds to anthropological, historical and sociological processes, which are consolidated as the basis of current prosumers, media agencies they are consolidated as standards of the norms of coexistence between the different social networks that make up the world network.Today it is geolocated advertising that is imposed in the world of online business, the advertising quas in the radios, the television spaces and the columns in the newspapers, suppose very high disbursements comparatively with the Low Cost that prevails in the advertising based on geolocation, very present in the semantic Web and solid base on which supports the new model prosumers-collective purchases-virtual stores. Media agencies must establish instant transmission services using the editorial lines established in collective collaboration, this is also the most efficient path to make the most of the spiral formed by reminiscences of the old economy and the old production models and the rise of the new social era As long as the social and digital gap is not narrowing, observe potentials and characteristics of the different environments to open channels from the local that reach all citizens-stores , neighborhoods, etc. – is the best way to access a global social education that interacts worldwide and that lays the foundations of an efficient social network.