In 2022 we will know exactly how 5G affects our health

There is one thing we know for sure: 5G is not dangerous to health, no more than coffee, but it is not as invisible as air either.

The WHO has already done several studies on the subject, the most recent being in February of this year, and in it they make the following clear:

So far, and after much research, no adverse health effects have been identified (referring to exposure to wireless technologies). We’ve done a lot of studies on the radio spectrum, but more needs to be done on frequencies than using 5G.

On tissue heating, it has already been identified that the increase is negligible in the human body […] consequences for public health are not anticipated.

But to make everything clear, I better comment on video:

As you can see, until 2022 we will not have the complete result, the detailed report with the consequences of the exhibition, but that report will only bring extra details. If 5G were to cause cancer and other more serious diseases, it would have already been identified before a large-scale technology like this was developed.

It is a hoax to say that 5G kills, It is false to say that 5G is completely different from 4G in regards to human health, and there are already serious documents that affirm this, although all the necessary tests have not yet been carried out to have the documentation closed to 100 %.

You can read more information on the subject in this article, in Spanish, from National Geographic.