Inbot, mobile assistant service for customer relations [iOS]

Inbot is a mobile assistant service as a messenger service for customer relations, helping sales managers with the communications and information they need, avoiding the use of the different existing CRM services, where some of them are quite complex. to use as a whole, and that generally, difficult to use through mobile devices. With this, they will save a lot of time in managing and communicating with their sales teams and their clients, having the information they need at all times thanks to their artificial intelligence system.

According to VentureBeat, Inbot has support for both Google and Microsoft calendars and the main contact managers. Despite being a mobile sales-oriented information and communication service, it is not supported by specialized sales platforms such as Salesforce or others. The three pillars on which Inbot is based are the contacts, the conversations and the assistant function. Contacts will be arranged based on their relevance, determined by conversations that have been held with them in the past.

The Inbot application is available only for the iOS platform, recently reaching version 2.2 with a series of new features. Its use is free and allows messaging and contact management functions for the sales team, although for 99 dollars a month, sales managers can also use the application as an assistant, making use of their Artificial Intelligence capabilities. According to the aforementioned medium, other subscription options are on the way.

In short, Inbot is designed to save sales managers the time they need to manage their clients through CRM services, taking care of procedures and other bureaucratic aspects.