Inside Search, let's learn more about Google searches

Inside Search, let’s learn more about Google searches

Common people who search online through Google ignore many of the features that this search service offers them. They do not know the search operators, nor do they know the other features that the search field allows, such as the conversion or calculations function. All this and much more we can know through Google Inside Search. It is a Google online space that gathers as much information as possible about the searches through its own service, in the sense that we can find useful information, tips, utilities and other tools that allow us to get closer to the possibilities offered by this search engine, knowing everything from the technologies that work behind the searches to the most curious characteristics. Through the official Google blog, he tells us in more detail what we can find in this space, created in HTML5, and which is basically a trip to each of the options that we can find in the top menu of this space. From what the search engine does for us (automatic spelling and punctuation correction, for example), to tips for better filtering results, at Or more technical details, with lab functions, at Even a more fun section to pass the time at Goes: Official Google Blog | Link: Google Inside Search