Instagram begins offering search functionality from its desktop web version

We have already commented on more than one occasion that the Instagram desktop web experience has left a lot to be desired throughout these years, where it has been the initiatives of third parties that have been meeting the needs of users.

Luckily, the situation is slowly changing on, where in addition to the recent launch of a fresher and more elegant design, coupled with the availability of high-resolution images, movements that we have seen in recent times, we will begin today to have the opportunity to carry out simple searches.

Still keep in mind that it is likely that the new basic search function has not yet reached all users globally, so you can wait a few hours to see the search field appear within

In any case, from Instagram we will be allowed to search for hashtags, locations and user profiles through their desktop web version. In addition, geotags and locations are also beginning to have their respective landing pages, where users can see some of the most prominent publications when searching for specific locations or hashtags.

Still, Instagram has the concept of the desktop web version of its service as a complement to its mobile service, in which Instagram remains, above all, a mobile experience. Even so, this fixation is appreciated for making improvements to your desktop web version, although it will still be insufficient for everything it could offer without affecting the essential mobile experience.