Instagram had been storing deleted photos and direct messages on its servers

When we participate in social networks by sharing messages, photos, videos, and other diverse content, we usually have the feeling that when we delete some of them from our accounts, they are no longer available at the moment, without taking into account that something must happen. time for there to truly be no trace of any of them on your servers.

What is no longer normal is that the deleted content can continue to be stored on the servers for much longer than necessary, which is precisely what happened last year with direct messages on Twitter, which was corrected at the time, something similar having happened now with Instagram.

And, as independent security researcher Saugat Pokharel discovered, Instagram had been storing photos and direct messages that had already been deleted by him on his account, even more than a year ago..

Pokharel became aware of the situation when using the Instagram data download tool, which was launched in 2018 to comply with European data protection rules, finding photos and direct messages among other content, which at the time already had erased.

According to Instagram, a period of about 90 days must elapse for the content deleted by users in their accounts to cease to be completely available on their servers.

The investigator I reported this to Instagram in October 2019 through its bug bounty program, TechCrunch reports, and This error was corrected at the beginning of this month of August, according to the researcher himself.

Thanks to his report, the social platform has offered him a reward of $ 6,000, and the assurance that direct messages and photos that users delete from their accounts from now on are not stored beyond a logical period of time.