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Instagram will control who can send us direct messages

Instagram is testing a new feature that will eliminate spam in direct messages.

So far, any user can send direct messages in a public account. But this dynamic would be about to change as Jane Manchun Wong discovered.

According to the screenshots it shows, a new option is added in the Privacy settings in the Instagram app. We already have filters for comments, with options to block or choose who can interact in our publications. And that same dynamic applies to direct messages.

The configuration shows options to allow any user to send us messages or only the people we follow on Instagram. And there is also a filter to choose who can add us to group chats.

At the moment, this new setting seems to be among the experimental features of Instagram, so we don't know whether to implement it in the stable version. Instagram has been busy this year improving some features of the platform and implementing other features to eradicate harassment and spam.

So it would make a lot of sense to implement this new setting to close the door on direct messages to those who take advantage of any means to send spam. The Instagram team has not commented on it so we will have to wait to see if it passes the tests and reaches all users.