Instagram would be launching a new quick edit screen on Android

As we have seen on other occasions, there are news in applications and services that we have known when someone has noticed, since they have not been announced in the official statements of the companies and emerging companies that are behind them. In this sense, Droid-life realizes the new quick edit screen incorporated in version 7.3.0 of Instagram for the Android platform, assuming a different way of interaction after capturing or selecting the photo instead of the interaction. to which the users were already accustomed, where previously they were urged to make the adjustment of the image through the crop so that later they can choose the filter to apply.

In the indicated version, 7.3.0, the interaction changes once the photo is selected or captured, in which the new quick edit screen that will appear will quickly allow horizontal scrolling to quickly adjust the filters. In the same image that you are working on, a button will also appear at the bottom to go to the editing tool and another to set the corresponding labels.

From the same screen it is also possible to add the place to which it can belong as well as the possibility of establishing the description to which the image corresponds. From Droid-life they believe that the deployment of this new quick edit screen is done through the server.

It should be noted that the latest version of Instagram for Android was launched on July 20 with improvements in searches, both by place and for all publications referring to a username, name, label or place.