instant-update, a practical content management system for a website

Most existing CMSs work in a similar way: predefined templates that can be altered and an administration area to create pages and articles, something quite common for creating static websites, virtual stores or blogs.

The proposal of is somewhat different, since it allows the editing to be carried out on the same page that the reader consults. You just have to identify yourself as an administrator and access the website in the same way that visitors do, although in this case we will see a rather discreet menu on the right side of the page from where it is possible to alter the content of what we read.

In addition to the content, it is possible to edit the structure and source code of the HTML page, as well as internal elements (tags) and variables related to SEO.

On their website they explain how to install it, both on Windows servers and on Linux servers, showing a step by step so that we can test instant-update on our next site.

The advantage is obvious: users who do not have much technical knowledge can get lost with the more complex administration sections, in this case they only have to enter the content and edit it as if it were a word. The job of the IT administrator will be to install and manage technical matters, but the content can be completely altered by any user, regardless of their digital culture.

Practical, simple and with the code available on github.