Instantly, search and share quickly on the indicated text on any website

Sometimes we can miss the availability of a series of functions integrated in our web browser to skip a series of steps when carrying out a series of actions. Luckily, we can make use of the extensions and accessories, which will help us to have our web browser more adapted to our needs. In case we use Google Chrome, Instair is an option that we can take into account to search for terms on various platforms as well as share content on social networks.

The idea is that with Instair installed, we mark a part of the text, immediately appearing a hexagonal icon that, when pressing on it, offers us its functions, so that we can choose to search Wikipedia, Bing, YouTube, translate it, share it on social networks, or even search on Amazon. Whatever option we have indicated, we can always change it since the results will appear in a new pop-up window in the lower right part of our screen with a series of tabs on its left side.

The downside of this extension is that it has no configuration options, so it does not allow us to choose search engines or change versions from Amazon or Wikipedia, and it does not even allow us to set the translation language. These questions can be sent to developers through the Feedback option that appears in the same window. Regarding the social networks supported to share content, these are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit, although it also allows sharing them via email.

Link: Instair | Goes: AddictiveTips