Instapaper premium features are now free

Instapaper premium features are now free

Instapaper premium features are now free

You can get free Instapaper premium now, although we don’t know what this implies for the service.

Last August Instapaper was bought by Pinterest; The union of two major rivals in the discovery and saving of content on the Web raised many questions.

The purchase was aimed at improving Pinterest and adding Instapaper functionality and technology; Despite that, Pinterest assured that it would not close Instapaper for now.

Everything you will receive with free Instapaper premium

Today we have enjoyed the first consequence of the sale: Free instapaper premium for everyone. At the time Instapaper was only paid, but it was so good that it got a very loyal quarry of users. Over time, a basic version and a premium version were created.

That ends today, since we can access all the features of Instapaper without paying anything. Therefore, all Instapaper users will be able to access the following functionalities:

  • No advertising on the Instapaper website.
  • Text search in all articles.
  • Unlimited notes.
  • Text-to-speech lists.
  • Unlimited fast reading.
  • Bookmark to send to Kindle and mobile apps.
  • Kindle Digest support for up to 50 items.

In its basic version, Instapaper was already a highly recommended app for saving articles; Now that the premium version doesn’t cost a thing, it’s even better.

What to do with Instapaper now

But, what if we are users of Instapaper Premium ?. So we will receive a prorated refund, depending on the months we have been with Premium; the subscription will stop automatically and we will not be charged again.

Now the big question that remains is what will become of Instapaper. Without any advertising or premium accounts, right now Instapaper is not generating revenue for Pinterest.

One possibility is that the development of Instapaper has stopped, and that it will not receive new functionalities. In that case, Pinterest will be keeping the service alive while Instapaper developers focus on their services.