Interactive Encyclopedia of Visual Perception

Interactive Encyclopedia of Visual Perception

The Interactive Encyclopedia of Visual Perception is an initiative developed by Francisco Javier Pulido Square for the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Junta de Extremadura presenting in flash format 64 interactive activities for students of any educational level to enter the world of visual perception.

The web offers different types of activities such as explanatory videos, slides that can be printed or projected in the classroom, stereoscopic photographs and more than 20 experiments that can be carried out by students in class or at home, in different subjects such as Plastic and Visual Education, Psychology, Biology, Image and Expression or Physics.

The proposals revolve around topics as interesting as the process of visual perception, the eye, how the mind perceives, the perception of shape, color or movement, recognition and perception of the third dimension.

On this site, teachers have didactic guidelines for the presentation of activities, proposals for play exercises to be carried out in an experiential way in the classroom and a help section that offers answers to any questions of a technical nature that may be posed at the time of work with this tool.

It is a project that can be used in classrooms in web format or in cd rom format. The different pages of the web, despite including numerous interactive elements, load at high speed, since they have been optimized to occupy little memory and work efficiently with any type of modem.