IOS 9.3.1 arrives, the one that corrects the problem with links

It was Monday of last week when Apple released the new update to its mobile operating system, iOS 9.3. Soon after, Apple has been forced to withdraw this update for some of its old devices due to activation problems that had been appearing.

In addition, at the end of it, it was publicly known that when pressing links from any application, the same could go from remaining indifferent to completely blocking itself, having come cases that it had completely blocked the device itself.Both users who have been affected by this problem and those who have not, already have available the iOS revision that corrects this problem, version 9.3.1.

As discussed in TechCrunch, this problem has not been unique to version 9.3 as devices with previous versions have also been affected. The problem points to the abuse that some third-party developers have made of universal links, available since iOS 9, which made it possible to open links directly in applications without going through Safari.

In this sense, there have been developers who have registered such a number of domains for their applications, causing the process in charge of verifying them to overflow, an abuse that takes advantage of the fact that until now there are no limits when registering domains to use with the universal links in applications.

In any case, it ends with a problem that was affecting Apple publicly, which two days ago publicly stated that it was working to offer a correction to this problem.