iOS 9

iOS 9 will have an option to use the data connection when the WiFi signal is weak

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have suffered the inconveniences of a bad WiFi connection on your smartphone. Despite the fact that the signal quality in homes is usually more than decent, in certain rooms far from the router it can be somewhat weak. Although not weak enough for the phone to disconnect, a poor signal quality will prevent us from surfing the Internet given the slow connection.

Everything seems to indicate that users of Apple mobile devices are in luck, since in the latest beta version of iOS 9 (the next operating system for iPhone and iPad), the device we use will be able to automatically disconnect from the WiFi connection when it is too weak to navigate without problems, then going to use the contracted data rate. At least for the moment, this new feature (which is called Wi-Fi Assist) is reserved for developers who are testing the latest beta of iOS 9, so the rest will have to wait for iOS 9 to be released. officially. And in case you do not want to use the data connection of your device under any circumstances, the function we are talking about will be totally optional, being necessary to activate it from the Settings menu of iOS 9.

Without a doubt, we are dealing with a really simple function but one that will be of great interest to many of the users of Apple's mobile devices.

Source: 9to5Mac.