IPhone 8 will have OLED screen and wireless recharging

IPhone 8 will have OLED screen and wireless recharging

IPhone 8 will have OLED screen and wireless recharging

The first rumors of the new Apple smartphone are here; We are facing the first iPhone with an OLED screen.

Apple has never missed an opportunity to show off its iPhone screen; We already associate the word Retina with the apple and the image quality offered by its devices.

That does not mean that it cannot be improved; little by little there are voices, very low that yes, asking for something more. They ask for an OLED screen, like the ones many Android smartphones already have. And Apple may be going to respond to those requests.

The iPhone with OLED screen arrive in 2017

The first rumors were that the iPhone 7s carried an OLED screen from LG, but now the opposite has been confirmed. According to Jeng-wu Tai, CEO of Sharp (and executive of Foxconn), iPhone 8 is the first iPhone with an OLED screen.

It escaped him this past weekend, in front of students from Tatung University in Taiwan; Speaking of the importance of the new screens, he said the following:

The iPhone has evolved, and is now going to switch from LTPS to OLED panels

Jeng-wu Tai continued to claim Apple the need to continue innovating, ensuring that It is a crisis, but it is also an opportunity. Quite harsh words and sound critical that Apple has not made the jump before.

Wireless recharging, still in development

Nikkei today confirmed that in 2017 they will three iPhones, two with LTPS screen like the current ones and another with OLED screen.

In addition, Nikkei also anticipates that Foxconn is developing Wireless charging modules for iPhone; however, it is possible that they are not included.

The key is whether the rate of functional and satisfactory modules is acceptable; In other words, if a large number of modules have to be discarded because Apple is not happy, they will not be included.