Google and Apple will be prosecuted in France for abusive practices in their stores

IPhone applications now more expensive: Apple would raise prices

Google and Apple will be prosecuted in France for abusive practices in their stores

Apple raises the prices of third-party applications from the Apple Store.

If you notice that in the next few days the price of the App Store applications rises, do not worry, it is normal. The changes, which have been announced by Apple via email to all developers, they will have next week, just in 7 days.

The reason for this rise is supposedly the upward change in currency exchange rates. That is to say, that changing from euro to dollar (or from any other currency to the dollar) is becoming more expensive, and to reduce losses they have decided that it is the user who is responsible for the cost of making the change. Basically it is as if in a supermarket they charge us 10 cents for making a card payment; just absurd.

Spain and the entire Eurozone, as well as Mexico, are the countries that will be affected. In this way, as we see in iPhoneAddict, the 0.99 euros remain at 1.09 euros. Thus, each of the you will have (ranges) will be affected on the upside. It will not be the applications that only upload, but the purchases in-app They will too.

Affiliates will also charge less

Will the App Store have profitability problems?

This is a series of measures that Apple is taking to counter the supposed increases in exchange rates. Affiliates, in turn, will also charge less; specifically 2.8 times lessThat is, your profit will be reduced not to half, but to 33% of the total.

The affiliate system allows third parties to earn money by distributing links. In this way, Apple is benefited because it attracts customers while affiliates earn money. We are talking, for example, about Apple blogs, huge Telegram channels or Twitter profiles that are dedicated to this type of thing. They have dropped, specifically, from 7% commission to 2.5%.