iRok2 - online guitar game through your web browser

iRok2 – online guitar game through your web browser

Simple and addictive at the same time. If you have dead minutes, days that seem eternal, or you simply want to have fun, alone or with someone, iRok2 is an online game that you will never fall short. It is a game that is in the same vein as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but it is played through your web browser. And in fact, you can also connect and configure the guitars of these games to your computer to be able to play, having to install a plugin that works for the main browsers and operating systems. iRok2 is based on the YouTube music video catalog, with 10,891 music tracks available so far and counting, whereby players can show their prowess through the different levels of difficulty, using the tracks that appear by default or searching for that specific music track from the catalog through iRok2 itself, which, as we say, is based on music videos hosted on YouTube. Additionally, you can request to create new tracks based on other YouTube-hosted music videos that are not yet adapted for the game. You also have coins and dollars that will allow you, among other things, to save the games, purchase products or even buy subscriptions. These virtual coins and dollars can be obtained by participating in the different promotions or by buying them directly through some of the available channels, including Paypal. Lastly, it should be noted that iRok2 has a directory where there is a series of the most prominent community users through different categories, and of course, it also allows participation through comments for each of the musical tracks.