Issuu - read, create, design and share publications on the web

Issuu – read, create, design and share publications on the web

Issuu is a well-known web tool that allows upload pdf documents to the network transforming them into a flash file which can be integrated into blogs, web pages and wikis. In this way, viewing your files will be faster, also counting on the possibility of increasing the font size.

Once you have registered, you can upload content in Word, pdf or ppt format to the site and all you will turn it into attractive magazines in which you can also insert your logo, change the backgrounds, images and general appearance of your document with the tutorials that are available on the issuu website.

The site also offers other interesting applications such as isssu for mobiles, Android phones and announce that it will soon be available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The web has options for amateurs, entrepreneurs, marketers and developers, in addition to the possibility of being part of different groups with common interests such as the reading club, photography or that of strange phenomena.

Although the tools available to issuu are only available in English, it seems a very interesting option to improve and make our publications more professional.

The page has a section called people, in which we can access works published in more than 30 countries and only in Spain we have around 1200 proposals.