JIBE, an interesting multi-charger for Macbook and Macbook Pro users

Increasingly we depend on a larger number of electronic devices. The bad thing is that we cannot charge all of them from our laptops due to lack of ports, so we find ourselves in the need of having to connect a series of chargers, always having to carry them around and remove the possible tangles that are can generate.

A startup has thought about users of Apple's newer models of notebook computers, the Macbook and Macbook Pro, and created an all-in-one device that will allow Apple notebooks to be connected to electrical power and charge up to five More electronic devices simultaneously. It also allows data to be transferred up to 5 Gb / s between devices.

This is JIBE, a multi-charger that has 2 USB Type-C ports, 3 USB-A 3.0 ports, and the Edge variant also incorporates an HDMI port compatible with 4K resolution at 30 fps, making it possible to connect to any monitor, projector , etc.

And is that JIBE is available in two variants, Edge and Pebble, and in each of the variants in two colors: white and black. The Edge variant is the one that has the HDMI port and has a more square aspect, and the Pebble variant is more rounded, although both weigh the same, 210 grams, where thanks to their small dimensions both fit in the palm of the hand .

The best thing is that in its campaign in Indiegogo it can be purchased at an interesting price, even being less than an official standard Apple MacBook charger.

The campaign has already raised more than 700% of the goal, with one month still to go, so this next January the Edge multi-chargers will be sent to the sponsors who have opted for it, while the Pebble variant will be sent to the sponsors who have opted for it in February.

In any case, shipments will be made to any part of the world.