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Job profile for a Community Manager in 2011

There are many changes that social networks have caused since their appearance in the Web universe, but without a doubt and as in all aspects, Facebook is the one that has led the vanguard and set the precedents in relation to these new platforms of communication. communication and in which we see how old professions and activities mutate and adapt, both from the offline world and from the web 1.0. To focus the discussion, Let’s talk about the Community Manager, the fashionable profession these days and that again as such does not have much, since we find similar antecedents from the town crier and radio DJs in the analog world and to those people in charge of programming thematic forums and communication systems and, eventually, acting as moderators of the conversations; an eminently technical role with little communication skills. Today, Facebook with its powerful platform and intuitive interface took programming and data management skills to the back burner within the requirements for today’s Community Manager job profile, an activity that increasingly requires knowledge and skills in communication and marketing.

Contact with shareholders, customer service, branding, marketing and advertising are the most common activities of a current Community Manager, thanks to Facebook and its enormous capacity for mass communication and contact between people and companies in a totally direct way.

Compared to previous stages to Facebook, the weight of social relationships is directly determined by the quality of content and the way in which it arouses the interest of its target groups, so the current Community Manager is obliged to get involved in defining For the first time, companies with a presence on Facebook and their Community Managers are facing the challenge of communication in real time, which entails enormous challenges and a complete redefinition of the position, especially due to the absolute take-off of work activity within the organization chart. corporate in traditional terms, as it requires much more flexible working conditions and hours. Do not forget that fans of a brand or product do not go home at 5.Real-time communication that currently requires a presence in social networks not only forces the rethinking of the activity in terms of time and location, but inevitably and as is usual in the Internet universe, produces a permanent mutation of the activities and job profile.

Community Manager What is your current profile?

The Community Manager incorporates the term management into the definition of his professional role, not in vain, something that many companies do not take into account when implementing their presence on Facebook, delegating the work to some of their IT technicians who, with With all due respect, they will be highly qualified in their technical work, but they do not have a clear meaning of the term Management in the sense of leadership and the empathic and communicational skills that are essential to successfully create and manage a community of users, whether it is a business. local or international corporation To perform successfully in his role, the current Community Manager must necessarily possess leadership and empathy skills coupled with a series of skills and knowledge that go far beyond simple moderation of comments, technical knowledge and database administration. He is a professional with a crucial role within the communication plan of any brand or company.To begin with, it is essential to have a global strategic vision that transcends the biased and partial vision of day-to-day campaigns, since only with a holistic vision of corporate strategy, it is possible to dump the most appropriate content and contacts to the target group, promoting and encouraging discussion, dialogue and contact on social networks, especially on Facebook, where the community becomes a crucial link in the value chain of the entire company. facilitator of the dialogue between producer and market, users and products and / or brand / followers, the role of the current Community Manager is not only limited to promoting and streamlining the conversations of a fan page, since it is also their responsibility to manage the feedback of their fans regarding their relationship with the brand or product it represents, lead the community and avoid possible and eventual crises All this requires a Skilled professional, with leadership skills and Management skills in the same way that a manager should be in the offline world; that is, a manager like the Marketing Manager, for example, with the ability to lead people towards a common goal, resolve conflicts and maintain high levels of motivation.Emotional intelligence is another of the sine qua non factors of a Community Manager of 2011, let’s not forget that the new relational model in which we are inserted is horizontal and plural, building relationships through emotionality fundamentally and where the link with users and their networks personal issues, not a minor issue if we evaluate the power of evangelization when it is achieved, emotional intelligence is the basis of a good Community Manager, which is why successfully handle the delicate codes of persuasion, enchantment, sincerity -above all- and respect for reputation are qualities per se in a profession whose patron saint should be the Pied Piper of Hamelin, because of his ability to convene. knowledge and handling of harder data and its interpretation, coupled with the skill with the product managing tools to deploy and organize the work and actions contemplated in time, whether it is a youth community or a select club of shareholders; The administration of a community is an area included within the management of a company, regardless of its size, so its actions must be in accordance and organization with what the other components of the corporate group plan and, in the same way , evaluated by their results, so that adequate planning and projection capacity over time, is another fundamental factor.Finally, do not forget to consult the Guides for Community Managers that we have already published here, in